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It's highly-recommended reading for all Botmasters. The Personality Forge's AI Engine integrates memories, emotions, knowledge of hundreds of thousands of words, sentence structure, unmatched pattern-matching capabilities, and a scripting language called AIScript.It's easy enough for someone without any programming experience to use.Assuming the traditional illustrations and the story are right, this would be one of the first uses of technology by a human—and, like our subsequent use of technology, one of considerable ethical significance.Whether the tale of Cain is true or not, humans have been employing technology since our beginning. However, we are now at a point at which technology is advancing and changing faster than ever before—and this shows no signs of changing.I've rewritten the Book of AI, documenting all the features added over the last few years, and reorganizing it to be easier to understand.

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This short book provides essays aimed at doing just that on subjects ranging from sexbots to virtual dogs to asteroid mining.Come on in, and chat with bots and botmasters, then create your own artificial intelligence personalities, and turn them loose to chat with both real people and other chat bots.