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01-Mar-2015 03:28

In the article, founder Gordon Gooch shares expert advice on looking great in an online dating profile.

Los Angeles, Sept 24 /PRWEB/ –Online Profile, the site that offers the most valuable information in online dating, is overjoyed to be featured in this month’s issue of Glamour Magazine.

The reality is, I am," Metcalfe said, laughing, at the Empire Hotel in NYC.

The actor admitted that he thinks Eva is "a hot lady," before adding: "I don't know Tony that well - we've only hung out a few times - but he doesn't intimidate me." - Zach Gilford is still getting used to his newfound fame.

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Poking fun at his delivery-boy character on the hit show, he added, "I'll be like, 'I deliver pizza.Founder and photographer Gordon Gooch is interviewed by the magazine sharing his expert tips on how to look great in an online dating profile picture.