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26-Jun-2016 02:19

Back in 2009, working with then Washington Post reporter Brian Krebs, I detected a vulnerability in another popular adult dating site – Seeking Arrangements.

The vulnerability allowed attackers to bypass all authentication needed to access private profiles, messages and other supposedly secure information.

Unfortunately for many love and lust seekers, hackers are naturally attracted to dating websites for a variety of reasons and they do not stop to read about the security and privacy of a site – they just try to exploit it. Firstly, dating site users are primary targets for many typical types of spam, whether it is weight loss, libido boosters or pornography.

They host user information to give spammers a better chance of finding their targets, as they store attributes like gender, age and body shape.

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Over the past 20 years we have moved a very significant part of our identity online.

Although the site owner gave assurances that the issue was fixed, the site remained vulnerable for another year and a half, despite my attempts to contact them.

Gleeden, a similar dating site for extramarital affairs, was breached last year and had 1.8m user records stolen.

In addition to the intrigue and graphic appeal of dating websites, they all offer secrecy, privacy and confidentiality.

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Trusting a specific site is not based on facts, but rather on statements from the website itself.

I've given up now and probably won't ever use it again.