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10-Mar-2015 02:22

I’d wet the underwear, put them in the freezer and snap them to ruin them."It’s always cool to see celebrities that are fans of other celebrities.For instance, Hilary Duff apparently loves John Cusack as an actor, as was apparent by her reaction to seeing him after his new film premiered.The Real Girl's Kitchen host Haylie Duff and her baby girl Ryan Ava, 18 months, are both foodies at heart."Funny enough, she loves stewed okra," Duff told PEOPLE while hosting a dinner on behalf of T. Maxx , Marshalls and Home Goods for their "Bring Back the Holidays" campaign on Nov. Back in August a dog called Casper, who was appropriately dressed in an Adele T-shirt, was spotted by the singer and then brought on stage during a show in Los Angeles. The wedding will be in one of the school holidays so Simon's daughter can attend.We ate a lot of protein, lots of veggies and oatmeal for breakfast,” she told press. That’s ringing especially true in the ears of Hilary Duff.

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But when the paparazzi tried to infiltrate the Duff family’s divorce proceedings yesterday, the celebrity sisters took action.The 31-year-old actress said in an interview with People that she's thrilled to see Hilary find love with Jason Walsh following the "Younger" star's divorce from Mike Comrie ."I want to see her happy -- that makes me happier than anything," Haylie told the magazine.Hilary, 19, told press that her secret weapon was freezing her panties!

"If Haylie had friends over to stay when we were little and they left me out I’d freeze their underwear!It's hard to imagine, but at one time the famous Hilary and Haylie Duff duo were dueling sisters, playing out all of the typical scenarios of a sibling rivalry.