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09-Nov-2015 13:30

When that happens, your search term report starts looking like this: To make this (almost ludicrous) level of granularity happen, you’ll need to start adding ad group level negative keywords (not campaign or account level negative keywords) when there’s a discrepancy between keyword and search term.

This will then prevent your short tail keywords stealing away impressions from the longer tail ones.

You can optimize your landing page all you want, but if you want to get the highest ROI from your PPC campaigns, you should also be optimizing the setup of your Ad Words account.

Not only will the ideas I’m about to share improve your CTRs, Quality Scores, ad positions and impression shares plus increase your chances of dating and lower your cost per click, it will also help you improve your conversion rates. Here are three Ad Words mistakes that are hurting your conversion rates… One major obstruction to Ad Words performance is when people decide to bundle 10 – 20 keywords in a single ad group.

This means that your ad for the keyword “Nutella crepe recipes” could and should look like this: The reason why this ad is better and more relevant is because you have the keyword you’re bidding on in the ad itself. Higher relevancy = higher click-through rate = higher Quality Score = lower cost per click = lower cost per conversion.

I’d recommend having at least two drastically different ads in each ad group that you test against each other that follow the format below: The multiple keywords in your ad group ultimately hurt your performance and relevancy, bringing down your click-through rates and Quality Scores (and adding more just makes it worse).

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When you only have one keyword per ad group, your best bet will be to make your ad super specific to that keyword.

Here’s another example of a complete single keyword ad group overhaul for the entire account.