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31-Aug-2016 20:43

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The typowriter was also created with the intended use for the blind.

A later model of the typowriter, created by John Jones in 1852 is pictured below.

The keyboard is the number one computer interface used around the world, and an integral object for many of us that most people take for granted.Fast forward to 1808, another typing machine was patented to Pellegrino Turri in Italy.His machine was intended to allow the blind to “write.” With Pellegrino Turri’s typing device, also came the first Carbon Copy.Keyboards and typing technology have come a long way over the past couple centuries.

The first typing devices were designed and patented in the 1700s while the first manufactured typing devices came about in the 1870s.

This paper will explore the history of typing, detailing the innovations across time that have accumulated into the definition of today’s standard for the ultimate typing experience.