How long were britney spears and justin timberlake dating

29-Jul-2015 08:14

Britney The official site for the million-dollar diva. Britney One of the best Britney sites on the web, fans can find up-to-date news including tour info, media clips and a gallery filled with almost 2000 pictures. Go Britney Another great site for fans only interested in pictures of Britney.The Mystery of Britney's Breasts A hilarious flash animation that chronicles the constant up-and-down change in Britney's bra size. Britney Spears Underground An interesting site that displays a collection of defaced concert ads in New York.TV Guide: Britney Spears Britney Spears Videos, Interviews and More on TV Guide's Online Video Guide Yahoo!Launch The media site's music page on Britney with lyrics and a complete discography.IMDB An online database of Britney's sparse film and TV career.College Humor: Britney Spears Some of the funniest and sexiest Britney pics.Britney didn't make a big ripple in Hollywood with the release of her girlfriend-road-trip movie, "Crossroads," but she continues to top the charts nearly every year with the hottest new beats; or so we've been told.

Mere months after calling it quits in her marriage to K-Fed and then, subsequently, flashing the world her special place during a night out with Paris, Britney earned yet another notch in her Belt of Insanity by shaving her head.Consider us your guide to the empire that is Britney Spears, from her perfume to Instagram photos.