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26-Mar-2016 14:51

"If you want to put their semen inside me, I'll let you." She felt so grown up when she said that. The truth is that my wife likes erotic fiction almost as much as me and loves the stories I write about her (well, most of them).

"What do you think a naughty little girl should do, so she's not just a little tease? "You are such a little whore," he said to the little girl. And then the first shot of his come surged, from deep inside his body, down his cock, and into her mouth. His come hit hard into the back of her mouth, some of it even going down her throat, and it filled her mouth completely. He groaned, "Oh fuck," and another shot fired out of him.

"Take your panties off, naughty little girl," he said softly to her as he continued to stroke his cock. He'd never asked her to take her panties off for him before. Naughty little girls who aren't teases do what the man asks them to do." The little girl pulled her panties down, because she's a naughty little girl who isn't a tease today. Eventually it did end, but he left his head in her mouth for a little while longer, letting the final twitches of his cock expel the last few drops. "There you go," the man said, rubbing his fingers gently through her hair. And as he climbed off the bed, she thought to herself, if he wants to put his penis inside me next time, I'll let him.

Then she spread her legs open again, her panties falling down to her frilly white ankle socks. She was trying not to taste them, but she could smell them, they were right in front of her nose. The man started stoking his cock again, his balls still pressed against her mouth. "There you go, my sweet little whore." She smiled up at him. Grown up girls let men put their penises inside them. I liked the interplay between the two protagonists.

She smiled at him, then climbed on the bed, lay down, and spread her legs like she knew he liked. He unzipped his pants and took his penis out and began rubbing himself. They had a little cartoon character on their front.

"I'm a naughty little girl," she said, her voice soft and high-pitched. She lifted her legs up in the air and hooked her hands under her knees, spreading her legs wide, her little feet with their little frilly ankle socks held wide apart.

" he asked, rubbing his cock in front of the little girl.