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Despite being an ISIS supporter known to have received weapons training, German authorities allowed Amri to slip through their clutches time after time.

The 23-year-old even tried to recruit an accomplice for a terror plot - and again the authorities knew about it - but still he remained at large, it has emerged.

So, how many people couldn't help but glance at her 'outfit'?

'Marine A' Alexander Blackman (right) will not be home for Christmas after a judge today denied him bail.

Matthew Shepherd (left in left picture), 22, and his girlfriend Lauren Emsden (right in left picture) were in Germany when the killer drove the juggernaut lorry through Berlin city centre (bottom right), but managed to escape with just bruises. The puzzle, by London-based Alex Bellos, asks you to guide four people from their homes to their car through the snow, without letting their paths cross.

Mr Shepherd, originally from London, took to Facebook to say: 'So lucky to say we are in one piece and are just being treated for shock and bruises.' Police today revealed they are hunting Anis Amri, 23, (top right), a refugee who came to Germany last year. While it may require some trial and error to solve, once you see the answer you won't believe that you didn't get it straight away.

Police today revealed they are hunting Anis Amri (left), 23, a refugee with 'links to Islamic extremists' who came to Germany earlier this year.

His paperwork was found in the footwell of a truck used to massacre 12 people at a Berlin Christmas market (bottom right).

The rapper and internet celebrity, who filmed the entire incident, was furious, later tweeting: We got kicked out of a @Delta airplane because I spoke Arabic to my mom on the phone and with my friend slim...Ed Cusick, 40, from Aylesbury, launched a desperate online plea on behalf of his wife Nina, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer last year and had tumors in her liver and bones.The couple (pictured left and right with their son) hoped to take part in a clinical trial next year but were told she had to take life-extending drug regorafenib, which was not available on the NHS.WTFFFFFFFF please spread.' Saleh and his friend were marched off the flight, as several passengers waved goodbye to them (right), and were interviewed by police at the airport after the incident.

However, neither were charged and they were both re-booked on another Delta flight home to New York City.People claiming to be chefs say there is no difference between the two methods of cooking pasta apart from the time it takes - but others disagree and say putting it in cold water makes it stick to the pan.