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Actors Rumored to Be Gay When it comes to celebrities, people love to gossip about their sexuality.Maybe it’s because of their above the clouds status that regular Joes doesn’t have a problem discussing whether or not particular actors are secretly gay or not. Celebrities sit at large tables together, sucking back vodkas and whiskeys, so it's no wonder the party atmosphere is contagious. Celebrities Whose Lives You Want Celebrities, in a general sense, live a life of luxury.The All-Time Best Golden Globes Speeches Let’s face it: The Golden Globe Awards are different from their buttoned-up, snooty big brother, the Oscars. Like the best film actors who got famous on TV first, one can take many routes to become Hollywood stars.Some actors start out on in theatre, while others start out in modeling.This list of greatest actors and actresses attempts to answer the question "Who are the best actors of all time?" by incorporating the views and opinions of all members of the Ranker Community.Or maybe audiences believe everyone at the top of the Hollywood scrap heap has a juicy sex secret. The Best Dressed Male Celebrities The best dressed male celebrities are those hunks who constantly appear dapper and well put together as they strut down the red carpet prior to movie premieres, at awards shows, or in photo shoots with men's magazines like GQ and Esquire. Nice houses, fancy cars, personal jets, drinking from the top shelf; the world is their oyster.

40 Famous ESFPs Many famous actors, musicians and politicians are believed to be ESFPs (Extraverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving).

These best Esquire covers span the entire history of the publication, and provide a good overview of the stories and issues Esquire has covered over the years. Oscar Loser Faces, Ranked When it comes to feeling the tragedy of loss, not even celebrities are immune. But some are definitely better sports about it than others.