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04-Sep-2016 17:54

Despite all the hurdles the Rs and Ds and their cronies have thrown against us, we have survived and grown for 45 years, and are now thriving like never before.

There are reasons that we have only 2 dominant parties in the US.

This came as a surprise as it had previously appeared […] An annual holiday party will not take place this year.

Please instead join your fellow Libertarians at the first business meeting of the year in January where officer elections will take place. To all current and prospective members: Annual elections for LPVC officers for the new year will be held in late January 2017; date and location details are forthcoming. The national office claims 9000 new members for this year alone, an increase from 11,184 to […] WE made History.

According to the Encyclopedia of Third Parties in the United States by Earl R.

Kruschke, "Only four years after its establishment, the Libertarian Party had grown from a miniscule organization to what was essentially the third largest party in the United States." In 1978, Libertarian candidate Ed Clark received 5% of the vote in his race for Governor of California.

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Included in the list of protected categories are: age, color, disability, marital status, race, religion, sex/gender, sexual orientation, and more…Notice of upcoming elections to fill positions on the 2017 LPVC Executive Committee has been mailed to all current members. The Annual Elections Business Meeting will be held on Wednesday January 18 at Mimi’s Cafe in Thousand Oaks, 400 North Moorpark Road (805-373-6161).

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