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All certificates issued by the Secretary of State in accordance with the provisions of this Act and all copies of documents filed in the Secretary's office in accordance with the provisions of this Act when certified by him or her, shall be taken and received in all courts, public offices, and official bodies as prima facie evidence of the facts therein stated.

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Compliance with this Section shall satisfy the signature provisions of Section 101.10 of this Act, which shall otherwise apply.(a) Whenever any instrument authorized to be filed with the Secretary of State under any provision of this Act has been so filed and, as of the date of the action therein referred to, contains any misstatement of fact, typographical error, error of transcription or any other error or defect, or was defectively or erroneously executed, such instrument may be corrected by filing, in accordance with Section 101.10 of this Act, a statement of correction.before such filing, except that any right or liability accrued or incurred by reason of the error or defect being corrected shall be extinguished by such filing if the person having such right has not detrimentally relied on the original instrument; Certificates and certified copies of certain documents to be received in evidence.If the Secretary of State shall fail to approve any articles of incorporation, amendment, merger, consolidation, or dissolution, or any other document required by this Act to be approved by the Secretary of State before the same shall be filed in his or her office, the Secretary shall, within 10 days after the delivery thereof to him or her, give written notice of his or her disapproval to the person or corporation, domestic or foreign, delivering the same, specifying the reasons therefor.

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