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04-Nov-2016 13:29

Instead say, “Well, not yet.” Marie Brown, married 10 years, says, “When we got married, we made a pledge that once a month we take turns bringing something new to the table sexually speaking.” She continues, “It doesn’t have to be draping ourselves over a chandelier but playing an X-rated game or spending the night just kissing or meeting at a bar and picking each other up…” This “game” doesn’t just liven up their sex life once every 30 days.

Planning and/or fantasizing about what their other half will come up with helps fuel sexual desire all month long.

Horny Now he pops over whenever his wife is having one of her therapy sessions and my partner is out at work. I’m well aware that he uses me for sex just as much as I use him. I get hot and horny just imagining how he’ll throw me on the bed and get stuck in. I hate myself for being so base and weak, yet these illicit trysts are the stuff of my deepest fantasies.

Don’t forget that the man is openly loathed and has many enemies.