Maskededitvalidator not validating

13-Jun-2016 23:34

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And then, in following sections, I can explain some of its more advanced features.Here’s how you can declare the Ajax File Upload control in a page: The exact appearance of the Ajax File Upload control depends on the features that a browser supports.Hello, I want my Start Time and End TIme should not be equal to each other and I want the End TIme should not go beyond the Start TIme.For example: Start Time = AM End Time = AM The above example should have an error because the End Time go beyond the Start Time.I was playing around with ASPNET AJAX Mask Edit Extender control and ASPNET Validation controls when I was working with a profile page and doing some input validations.

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You can download the latest release from Code Plex at Control Toolkit. In particular, we wanted to support uploading multi-gigabyte files such as video files or application files.Code or, better yet, you can execute the following Nu Get command within Visual Studio 2010/2012: There are three builds of the Ajax Control Toolkit: . Second, we wanted to support showing upload progress on as many browsers as possible.The previous version of the Ajax File Upload could show upload progress when used with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox but not when used with Apple Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer.You may also notice in the code below that I have also use a Java Script for setting the default mask on load of the page.

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Hi Vinz, I have tried your code its nice, but I have following concerns i.e., when the page load then its showing the format "(___)___-____)" on the textbox instead when we are going to type then only the format has to appear.

In the case of Google Chrome, which supports drag-and-drop upload, here’s what the Ajax File Upload looks like: Notice that the page above includes two Ajax Control Toolkit controls: the Ajax File Upload and the Toolkit Script Manager control.