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These scripts were read and ranked by our panel of industry judges.The three finalists were flown to Los Angeles where they attended the Final Draft Annual Award Event on October 14th at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills where their places were announced.On June 1, 2009, months after X5-452's escape, terrorists detonate an electromagnetic pulse weapon in the atmosphere over the U.S., which destroys the vast majority of computer and communication systems, throwing the country into chaos.S., received mainly positive reviews and won several awards.

We look forward to another successful contest year in 2017! Download our free Guide to Entering (and Winning) The Big Break Contest. The winners of the 2009 Final Draft Big Break Contest have been announced.

Dark Angel is an American cyberpunk television series that premiered on the Fox network on October 3, 2000. Eglee, it starred Jessica Alba in her breakthrough role.

The series chronicles the life of Max Guevara (Alba), a genetically enhanced super-soldier who escapes from a covert military facility as a child.

Logan Cale (Michael Weatherly), an underground cyber-journalist with the alias Eyes Only, attempts to recruit her to help fight corruption in the post-Pulse world.

She initially refuses, but accepts after Cale is rendered a paraplegic attempting the assignment he was recruiting her for. While assisting Cale, Max also makes a living as a bicycle messenger at Jam Pony, a courier company, along with her friends Original Cindy (Valarie Rae Miller), Herbal Thought (Alimi Ballard), and Sketchy (Richard Gunn).The creators of the comic series Cybersix filed a lawsuit, accusing Cameron and Fox of plagiarising their story, which they later dropped due to financial constraints.

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