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With your knife in your hand, I'm gonna be a fightin' man."(US Army) Corruption of Correctional Custody Facility (CCF) .

A minimum security, military prison for lesser offenses, which is basically a fenced in barracks building.

Buckshee equipment or ammunition is outside the normal accounting system and is often bartered by those who find themselves in possession of it.

The origin and nature of the stores determines whether this is a serious issue.(USN) : In boot camp, a company (group) of recruits who are incapable of performing any task correctly, regardless of the rewards or consequences.

Generally the individuals who make up these companies will leave boot camp in top physical shape, because they are always being punished with physical training, also known as "cycling".(US Navy) Senior junior officer of the rank of Ensign (o-1) in a ship's compliment.

The bull Ensign often is tasked by the Commanding Officer with unsavory tasks that other junior officers would rather avoid.(US Army) Officially called the "Insulated Food Container" or "IFC," which is plastic with stainless steel inserts.

Involves covering the head and arms of the target with a blanket to prevent fighting back or identification of the attackers while a beating is administered.(UK) Any storeman (even if he doesn't deal with blankets) .

He may have locked you unintentionally, or to help find you visually, etc.

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