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Some symptoms that many people experience when they’re numbers start to get lower and normalize can be very alarming, doctors don’t usually tell you about this.

Here’s a partial list: - Blurred vision - This is quite common.

Right now you’re probably going through a lot of different emotions: shock, anger, fear, uncertainty……….

That’s natural, most of us experience that when first diagnosed. The more you know about this disease and the steps you need to take to control it the more confidence you’ll have in your ability and the future.

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Try to get by with the drug store glasses for a while until your eyes adjust.You’ve heard the saying “If it sounds too good to be true……”, well that applies to diabetes big time. Whoever says that there is also probably has something to sell you. You can be a diabetic who achieves non-diabetic numbers (many of us have) but you’re one always one high-carb meal away from high numbers. The tools many of us use are carb-control, testing and exercise.You’ll also see a lot about “Reversing” diabetes, sometimes from people with M. Currently there is no reversal, there is, however, control. Some people take medication, some are controlling on lifestyle alone.You’ll also see different “goals” or numbers that are considered good by different agencies.

Know that it’s up to you and your doctor to set a goal for you.The goals charts are ranges that take into account many different people and many different situations.