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We weren't dating but would go out to music and dance clubs or...

» Read more Some people report that their first orgasms were the best. When I was about 13, I sat on the toilet one time, and with the thumb and forefinger of both hands, I started sliding the fairly tight, circumcized skin on either side of my dick up and down.... » Read more When I was eleven years old, I was getting a hard on, but I had never tried to take it farther.

I have got to know most of the delivery men and they sometimes drop off parcels for my neighbours with me too, as they... I got all my porn sites up on my laptop as I layed on my bed all naked and clean and horny.

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I knew our daily jerk off would be more interesting.

So as we pulled the magazine from its hiding place. He said it was great and now knew why I enjoied it so much. » Read more I work from home which means I am usually here when the postman and other delivery guys drop of parcels.

When people talk about things getting hot and steamy in the bedroom, they are usually just saying it as an expression, but there’s actually some merit to the expression.

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Researchers have figured out that an increase in temperature of a woman’s feet will make them more likely to have an orgasm.

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