Over 50 men dating young women in thailand

26-Nov-2015 07:48

Of course, it also prevented the husband from Things are quite different these days.Both husband and wife may work and even if he is the only breadwinner, it is not that common for younger Thai men today to hand over their entire salary to wifey.So if your Thai wife says to you that it is Thai culture that you should hand over your entire pay packet to her at the end of the month, tell her she is living in the land of the dinosaurs.

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In Thailand it has traditionally been the man who works and brings home the bacon and in most relationships the man earns more than the woman. The money might be managed by the Mrs., but the man generally pays.Thailand has changed dramatically over the last 30 years.And it has changed a great deal over the last ten years.But Thailand's growth, its relative economic prosperity, the urban drift and the opening up of the country to foreign interests has resulted in not just growing pains, but repeated misunderstandings between Thais and foreigners. Many of the Thai ways of doing things relate to aspects of the culture which may not be understood by the average Westerner.

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Thai culture, or more specifically the Thai way of doing things, has had little influence from the outside and many of the things that happen are based on principles from the past, some of which may not be entirely valid in 2007.

When we have the situation of a Western man dating a Thai woman, one would expect that the Western guy has a higher income than the Thai woman.

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