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When the band took a break in 2009, he used the opportunity to launch a solo career, ditching the sound he'd cooked up with his Fall Out Boy bandmates and transforming himself into a sort of pop-punk Justin Timberlake, with R&B, soul, and electronica serving as his new influences.Stump was originally a drummer, acting as such in a Chicago-area band when he first crossed paths with guitarist Joe Trohman at a local Borders bookstore.While his bandmates launched side projects with other musicians -- Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley formed the Damned Things with a handful of collaborators, and Wentz teamed up with vocalist Bebe Rexha to form Black Cards -- Stump took the opposite approach, recording a solo album entirely by himself.Playing every instrument and handling his own production duties, he explored a different style of music, one informed by the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince, and Justin Timberlake.4) My anthem for life is " I Don't Care" by FOB (I guess that says a lot about me...huh?) 5) I despise haters and think they should keep their thoughts and comments to themselves 6) Even though I write, I don't see myself becoming a writer in the future 7) I have a slight problem with basing my FOB books around Patrick 8) I say I'm a grammar nazi but I have countless errors myself 9) My life philosophy: Do what you love and love what you do, no matter what anyone else says 10) My readers and followers mean the world to me, I wouldn't be the writer I am today without you Update Schedule: (see book descriptions) Some of my favorite authors on Wattpad whose pages you should check out are: @Fall Out Barnes @Hailey Urie @How To Save Rock And Roll @iloveianfrom SMOSH @Minnie2898 @simply-marvel @the_infinite_author @yassbrendonurie Lastly, please don't plagiarize my work - I put a lot of my time and effort in and it would suck to see someone else call it theirs.But now I want to be in a band with her and accomplish the same thing, just through music instead of videos.3) I'm in love with these two guys named Patrick Stump and Brendon Urie, though they'll probably never know I exist...

It, to me, can fix bad moods, bad days, even bad people.

The Bible Maker A dank meme a day, keeps normal people away. feel free to talk to me just yk make sure that both of us are trying to keep the convo alive... Feel free to read my stories unless I know you in real life then gtfoo I'm just the girl on the balcony singing nobody will ever remember me, I live in a fairytale somewhere too far for you to find, and I'm building up a world of fanfic because my real life is tragic.

On a serious and non-song-reference note, ten random things you may/may not want to know about me are... ATD, Paramore, MCR, ATL, and TØP) and writing are my life 2) My dream was to become a famous You Tuber like Smosh with my sister and make people laugh and feel better when they're having a rough day.

If you'd like to get to know me shoot me a dm on here or on my social media listed below.

:) Twitter: amoregirl99 Instagram: amoregirl99 Snapchat: jma1999 You Now: amoregirl99 Tumblr: amoregirl99 out my articles!

FRESH START FOR WRITING: The Doldrums21 Ships: Mixley (Matt Mixon and Andy Hurley) Brallon (Brendon and Dallon) Jalex (Jack and Alex) - OTP Peterick (Pete and Patrick) Joshler (Tyler and Josh) Trohley (Joe and Andy) " I'm onstage doing my stupid thing, I'm watching you guys enjoy it so much that you're doing your stupid thing; we're all doing our stupid thing.

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