Paul on american idol dating

13-May-2015 14:10

"So when I got here, I kind of listened to some people when I probably should have stuck with my guns.

I'm actually not very good at singing other people's songs.

Showing up to more than a few show tapings and spotted backstage, Nikki hasn't been too far from we know why! It's officially true," Paul told us Friday morning. "When I first tried out for this, it was just kind of for fun, and I didn't even expect to get this far in the competition," he said.

We're both pretty busy, but it been fun so far."When asked if Nikki is bummed about his elimination, Paul laughed and said, "I'm pretty sure Nikki is a pretty big fan, but she's super cool."Paul's exit from the stage didn't come as a huge shock to him.

There's only so much you can do singing other people's songs to get them across.

It's always sad and I knew whenever I left, I wanted it to be fun and I wanted it to be an off-week for them.

American Idol's Paul Mc Donald has revealed he is dating Twilight actress Nikki Reed.

In the United States, 1-in-every-10 couples are in an interracial pairing.… continue reading »

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In the season three episode "Drift Problem," he receives a modified black Dodge Challenger as a gift from Malory Archer, but she has the car stolen from him hours later in an effort to teach Archer a lesson about taking care of his possessions.… continue reading »

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