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I never had any seizures until I was forced off of benzos.Even with experiencing psychiatric conditions, it's maybe more of a chance it has a physical counterpart behind it.Silly Windows.), but I remember Space Quest 6 fondly, and when I tried to purchase it back when it was new it wouldn't run on my old performa, so I returned it and got some other stuff, so now I'd really like to see it show up on some abandonware sites, but it seems that it is missing, for no reason that I can see, since it is quite old and seemingly abandoned.Anyway, I've just found this site, and it seems like a great community and I plan on staying around.

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I would feel much better if everything was working.Carter: You know, you blow up one sun and suddenly everyone expects you to walk on water.

Those who get an F are barred from using the dating app. While the dating app is currently only live in San Francisco, it is anticipated to be available to users in Atlanta, Denver, Seattle and New York City soon.… continue reading »

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Guest author RJ Kowalik writes:' I long ago overcame the stigma of being gay.… continue reading »

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There is currently (2011) a Comreg consultation on closing MMDS entirely in 2014 to "harmonise" with the rest of Europe auctions for LTE/Wi Max mobile data use during 2013 to 2014.… continue reading »

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If a white family rapping to Will Smith isn't cringey enough for you, try sitting through a Donald Trump-inspired rendition of a holiday classic (which also bashes Hillary Clinton, of course), or that time Mariah Carey forgot to warm up her vocals before belting out !!… continue reading »

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Up until then, my role in bands felt purely functional, simple.… continue reading »

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