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18-Jun-2016 07:02

LILA SHAHANI, Human Trafficking Task Force: Cyber-pornography is easily one of our biggest problems. and it’s an expensive thing to police, and we’re a Third World country.

FRED DE SAM LAZARO: But it’s an industry fueled by First World demand, from pedophiles mostly in Europe, North America, and Australia, says officer Castillo.

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JUDY WOODRUFF: Next: a disturbing new trend in the trafficking of mostly young women and children into the sex trade.

Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports from the Philippines on what police call cyber-trafficking. FRED DE SAM LAZARO: Sex tourism has long been a scourge in the Philippines, an industry that thrives on trafficked human beings and deep poverty in this nation of 100 million.

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Lila Shahani is on a government task force on human trafficking.Recent studies have shown that anywhere from 100 to more than 300 thousand Filipinos are trafficked each year; 80 percent, four out of five, are under the age of 18.