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02-Dec-2015 07:41

As long as a few of Missouri's Ignorant Judges refuse to give a the Non Biological father any justice stories like the following will haunt us.

My son-in-law has been paying 0.00 per month for Child Support .00 for Medical Insurance for the past 9 1/2 YEARS. 114 months of Child Support x 0-00 =,300-00 PLUS 114 months of Medical Insurance x .00 =50.00 for a to date total of ,850.00.

The husband however, even though he say's he is the only father the child has ever known, refuses to do a step parent adoption. Please visit my "Myspace" page , to hear more about my story, share yours, and join together to make our voices heard! My partner of 6 years is paying child support to a 7 year old child that is not biologically his.

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Then about 3 months later, she wanted to try to make things work between them....The mother waited until she was 3 to put him on child support because they broke up when the child was only 6 months old. Part of who we are biologically also has to do with family medical history... Since we're talking about best interest of the child..I guess that should have been a sign right there but we really didn't think anything of it. Yes absolutely the child is going to be hurt just like the father. How about the victim's real children who have to go without because money is going out of the home?I paid for a DNA test to prove his possibility of being the Biological Father.

The results came back as NEGATIVE with a 0% chance of him being the father.The BAD part is, if he refuses to pay for someone elses child.... He has been fighting the system now for 5 years to have this reversed, but the court refuse to make the mother appear in court.

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