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02-Jul-2015 09:30

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Samsung fixed the problems eventually so don't get rid of your phone. my phone is running and suddenly it is doing hang and restart after restarting it is not working and if i will do firmware it will start but camera sim and memory card slot is not working any one can help me I've had numerous problems which began after the most recent system update approximately the same time as yours.I know that it is a pain when we depend upon our phones. I've experienced significant problems both sending and receiving text messages. I was told I might need a "software reflash." My S5 started the flickering thing after the update, I thought it was from some damage to the phone,the battery would get hot. Tried to do the repair option but would not load software enough to connect to my pc.I had just finished paying off the two year purchase two months ago and the warranty finished then too. I am denied participation in choosing a replacement phone. samsung s5 update has killed my not come back on completely off for repair to samsung repair centre who have told me it is finished paying for it after 2 years at thirty four pounds a month. It started overheating, thought it was as the battery so I bought another one. Takes forever to charge and then loses its charge in literally 1 hr. Since the last update, my Wi Fi keeps dropping out, new contacts just disappear unless I save them to sd card, some important apps (property alarm & cctv) no longer work and the phone is just slow across the board now.Samsung said it was now not under warranty and they had no responsibility for this. WELL PISSED OFF.anyone else had this prob with update ? It drops calls, doesn't send texts, constantly resets. I gave up my i Phone for this, and yes, at first it was good but these updates issues have destroyed my faith so I will be returning to i Phone! This s5 is my first android phone and i learned from previous i Phones u should never update without doing your research especially on older models. The old saying still works today "if it aint broke, dont fix it" Im running 6.0.1 and its working just fine. Received a new one from insurance after deductible. Verizon techs worked on it for about 2 hours more--just off warrenty. I too had my Samsung 5 completely crash immediately after the system update at pm on Dec 7, 2016. It would shut down and start up on its own every few minutes.That one had the same issues flickering screen like it was possessed or something. My phones been asking me for days to update and I refuse to do so. It started to overheat so I had to remove the batteries.Use these basic steps when you see this message: "The i Phone [device name] could not be restored.

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Update to i Tunes 12.5.4 or later to fix error 1671.

I haven't updated my phone and after reading the comments, I won't yet.

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