Propertygrid not updating

22-Jul-2015 05:17

As an exercise, I thought I would create an instance of a class, with properties for the colours, and assign it to a property grid .So, I added a "reset" button to my form, which set the colour properties of my object back to the defaults.How can I have a property grid update automatically when the object in its Selected Object property changes?I've tried implementing INotify Property Changed in my class but the property grid does not actually show the new propertyies of the object in the background until I click on it.

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I was more interested in why the property grid itself doesn't notice that the property has changed. the Property Grid control) subscribes to the "Property Changed" event. Happened across this Question in trying to remember what I used to use and thought it might be useful to others.Also I'd like to avoid having the control Refresh multiple times after the user only updated a single property.So is there a way to get the Property Grid to refresh from Property Changed events?SPG achieves compatibility by using existing UIType Editor, Type Converter, attribute classes and the ICustom Type Descriptor interface.

Better yet, it adds a new layer of functionalities, most with attributes, enabling you to really customize and control what the end-user sees.However, it seems that while it sets my object's properties back, the property grid doesn't change.