Radiometric dating activity answers online dating site safety tips

03-May-2015 18:07

Before getting mired in details, it seems appropriate to review some more general considerations that impact this issue.

While it is possible that these aspects have been discussed within the Adelaide group in the past, it seems safer to proceed as it they had not, in order to provide a self-contained discussion.

The fundamental presupposition of most scientists these days is that of naturalism, the view that nature is all that there is.

Sometimes this is referred to as materialism, the view that matter is all that there is.

Naturalism/materialism is often coupled with the assumption of uniformitarianism, that is that natural processes have always gone on at the same rate as we see them happening today.

This is, in fact, one of the three assumptions Dr Payne discusses with respect to radiometric dating and the only one of the three that he regards as being applicable.

Although Dr Payne asked during his talk how many people had a scientific or engineering background, I was unable, from the recording, to see the scope of the response but inferred that it was not universal.

Consequently, I have adopted an approach in this response that assumes that not everyone will have that background.

His talk was to Reasonable Faith Adelaide, a group that describes themselves as fundamentally a Christian association and that invites and welcomes non-Christians, skeptics, and atheists to their gatherings.(More about this later.) What is often overlooked is that, underlying the assumptions, there are presuppositions that can have a profound impact on the assumptions and, therefore, the analyses and conclusions, even to the extent of precluding getting the correct answer.Dr Payne alludes to this near the end of his talk when he says something to effect of “people who believe in Flood Geology are forced …” implying that the acceptance of Flood Geology as a presupposition would have an impact on—indeed ‘force’—a particular interpretation of the data.Please note that some newer copyrights will require Flash Player 10 be installed for viewing of the online editions.

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