Row cannot be located for updating vb6 access

27-Aug-2016 12:43

The options available are: When you issue an UPDATE statement such as: only primary keys are used in the WHERE clause. This, however, is the default option, and we've already seen the SQL it generates.The modified field(s) is/are added to the primary keys. However, optimistic locking is generally considered a record-level issue, while the optimistic locking applied by ad Criteria Upd Cols checks only fields that have been changed in the recordset.Maybe you don't want to know exactly how ADO updates a database when you make changes through a recordset.

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This property is added to the recordset whenever you request an updateable client-side cursor.

Once the Open method on a recordset with a client-side cursor returns, the only server reference that's retained is the server connection, and even that is released for a disconnected recordset.