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22-Nov-2016 14:25

“We don’t want guys to talk about the nonsense stuff,” Terry said.

“As a professional athlete, you are one of the very few select people who are an unequaled expert at doing what you do.

So let’s share that.” Initially the app was intended to be more consumer-facing, but Nece and Terry quickly realized that the bigger impact would be if they were to make it a publishing tool and it has evolved in that direction.

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Willa Ford and husband Ryan Nece are expecting their first child, E! The "I Wanna Be Bad" songstress and her former NFL star husband were married last spring.

After they both retired from the NFL, the plan was put into motion. They have two other partners, Joel Cave and Brice Cave, who serve as CTO and Web Architect respectively.

Gridiron Grunts offers players the opportunity to have a business stake in some of their interactions with fans.

They also realized that with the amount of content already available on the Internet, in order to succeed, they would have to provide something unique.

“We’re capturing content that no else has,” Nece said. Multi-billion dollar companies don’t have this content.Nece and Terry want to provide fans with an authentic experience that can’t always be achieved via other media and social media outlets.

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