Sasuke and sakura fanfiction the dating game

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” Naruto whimpered “ S-Sasuke…don’t please, no…” The Uchiha smiled insanely sweet “ But I’ve already bit you…” he leaned closer “you know what happens next?

” he asked in an excited whisper.“ I don’t want to…” Sasuke chuckled “ The uke never does, do they?

Naruto felt his heart breaking as blood slipped down his shoulder.

His attacker pulled back and smirked at the quivering blonde.“ You’re mine now, Naruto…” his smirk grew as sobs poured out of his blonde’s mouth.“ Why?

* Naruto jumped at the sound of thunder outside his small apartment window. He dialed the number and waited, fearfully, to hear Sasuke's voice."Hey, Dobe, is that you? Just wait there." Naruto put down the phone before another word was said.

Naruto was afraid of thunderstorms, accually, he was deadly afraid. " Sasuke sounded wide awake, which was wierd considering it was almost 1am."Sas-s-Sasuke! By the time Sasuke got to Naruto's apartment, Naruto was sitting on the couch, huddled into a ball. Sasuke walked slowly towards Naruto and sat closely next to him.

Circumstances force him re-evaluate his goals and dreams in life. Don't let the length turn you off, this is the single best Naruto fic on the net! Roommates : By Fast Forward _The Man Who Couldn’t Say ‘ I Love You’“ WHAT?!

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sasuke and sakura fanfiction the dating game-47

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" "Thinking of it now, she's the only one who can do that to Sasuke." pairing: sasusaku; plot: Sakura has loved Sasuke for years but now she's finally tired of waiting for him to notice her. " pairing: sasusaku; plot: "You know, for a mermaid, your boobs are small." "Why, you-! pairing: sasusaku; plot: Since kindergarten she had only seen the bad side of being the centre of attention.

Not many storms occured, but when they did, Naruto would always phone his best friend Sasuke, the only person who knew of his fear. It's OK, I already have my shoes on and I'm heading out.

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