Seattle area dating clubs

28-Apr-2015 03:29

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I am warm, empathetic, witty, funny and love to have a good time. I enjoy traveling and thrive on cultural experiences. I love live music and eating food that is terrible for me. But sometimes i can get a little sad over dumb things. My life partner passed away November 7th a year ago not really ready to get into heavy duty relationship but I'm lonely. For the past 2 years I have lived as a 'vagabond', house sitting full time in and around Seattle. Aviation is my life, flying is my continuous adventure. I love tumblr and Poly, kinky, s*x-positive, nerdy, stoner girl with a minor body mod addiction. My life has been in transition, I like to think of myself as turning into a butterfly. I'm athletic, I love all sports and anything I can compete in. I love America but I want to continue to see the world. If there is anything else you would like to know about me . Gardening, cooking, darts, freaking piña coladas, fire pits, …Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!

Due to the lack of people really getting out and enjoying the bars/lounges/clubs on a consistent basis. I think its a hard place to meet good friends in general.

The IT/military population kills the ratio, and you will notice once you hit the streets. Yes, but those ratios don't necessarily apply if you zero in on the black population. You can find black dudes at most clubs around Seattle chasing after white women only. I know the black community is concentrated in Renton, Tacoma, and white center neighborhood in Seattle. ..damn, I just remember how it was going to the UW for undergrad coming from Howard University.

The national trend for the black population is that there are far more African-American women compared to AA men. If anything, I would assume the military/IT balances the ratio out for AA men to AA women. As for the folks on here who are frustrated about finding other black people...realize that, in conjunction with the Seattle Freeze, people of all races often complain about finding any significant other in this city. So as a minority within a minority in this city searching for the same minority, you're going to have to put more effort into being proactive socially. Most of them actually ignore the black women in the club and go after the white ones. Maybe they know white women prefer black guys and are easy to black men, which means easy target for a one-night-stand. Props for grinding it out for sure I know its not easy at all.

I know a lot of "underground" chill hip-hop/jazz lounges in Seattle that the majority of black people don't even know about/nor visit.

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Lucid lounge(Thursdays-Sunday) in the U-district(super chill jazz spot), Faire (Saturday/Sundays!Putting race aside, the ratio's of men to women are terrible.