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24-Oct-2015 16:31

The guys are there to find pussy and they have pussy! Their business model is to ‘stock up’ on women which is done by providing free access to the service.

Men pay to connect with these women who many times are adult entertainers. My advice to entertainers is to tell the guy up front what you do and why you are there and let him know, duh, 70% of the profiles are going to be from professionals.

100% live, 1-on-1 phone sex with me or one of my girls. Don’t forget to purchase a phone sex package especially if love to masturbate. phone sex – but some chat thing where the girls want to get married! For example Europe sent women to the colonies or East Coast matchmakers sending women out West. Does that sound like an ad where the chick is trying to find a dude to have a nice dinner or maybe go to her sister’s engagement party? Women are being asked to join a site for very traditional reasons e.g., find a friend or a lover or a husband.

As one guy said to me, “What the fuck am I going to do with TWO wives? Date lines have a long storied history in this country. Bet you never realized that when you called a date line you were participating in a 20th century version of matchmaking. Or efforts to relocate women to cities where the male to female ratio is 2:1. The business model has pretty much remained the same: women join sites for free and the men pay for an introduction to the ladies. Whereas men are asked to join THE SAME site to find pussy. Usually a chatline becomes a sausage factory with few ladies or for that matter pussy. Seriously, some guys get so bored and want to get their money’s worth that they switch over to the female side and …well I don’t know EXACTLY what they do but some of the men have a Manti Teʻo complex.

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So, if you are a gentlemen and you are looking to meet someone nice and have fun, call me.” First, no offense to sex workers with the “hoe” comment. You separate yourself from what the guys have undoubtedly come across, make it clear that you will not be providing the same type of “services” and then shame them into being decent. Keep in mind shaming and shunning are powerful tools. When you listen to these recordings watch out for words like “party”.Notice how they keep the two types of services separate? It’s a fairly comprehensive list of chat programs and a review of what various phone sex affiliates offer.So, if you are a webmaster, you may want to start there.So, if you are a guy looking to get laid, a chatline is your best bet. Non-professional women …this is your time to shine. In your messages you should say that you are not a professional and in one sentence say what you want only not in lady-speak but guy-speak. I have gone over the myth of free phone sex and warned you of places promising extremely low phone sex prices aka BS.

Something like, “Hey, my name is Missy, and unlike these other hoes I am not an escort or cam girl or whatever. Why am I going over the difference between chat/date lines and phone sex? There are a number of chat line affiliates hawking their services and masquerading as phone sex lines.Use our search features to help you fine people you know from work, school, the gym, or even your neighbours! is a hookup site to meet MILFs looking to hookup in your area!