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01-Feb-2016 05:23

And the lure of having a date for these important occasions, and being guaranteed sex, is becoming irresistible for many men.

However, the men who pay for sex are discovering that it is not just the sex they really want but the love and intimacy that come with it.

The oldest profession in the world has undergone a makeover in recent years.

Walk to the west side of the complex (near Wells Ave.) to reach the Health District, in Building B.Individuals who are infected with STDs and do not seek treatment are at least three to five times more likely to acquire the STD Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).HIV may also be acquired through needle sharing or transmitted to a baby born to an HIV positive mother during the birth process or through breast milk.For more information or to volunteer with NNOT, visit the NNOT website, call at 775-328-6147 or email us.

The NNHPPG is dedicated to promoting community participation and involvement in HIV prevention and care services and activities, reducing the duplication of services and improving the coordination of service implementation, and strengthening local and statewide partnerships in the fight against the spread of HIV in Northern Nevada.Please contact us for comments regarding the site, to report any problems with links, or to request additional information.

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