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15-Sep-2015 06:31

The number of reports of sexual misconduct by teachers is escalating each year in Pennsylvania for a number of reasons.Penn Live published a series on the issue Wednesday, and held a live chat with Terri Miller, president of the board of directors of Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct and Exploitation (SESAME).Good teachers should not have to teach under a cloud of suspicion cast upon them by the bad apples. Janis: In Montgomery County, Maryland we are awaiting 2 trials regarding an elementary school music teacher.One trial involves the rape of a middle school student and the other trial involves the creation of porn using K-2nd grade students in his music classroom.Their child abuse policy, the one they use to train teachers, is 25 years out of date from current Maryland law.In 25 years our Board of Education hasn't taken a minute to update the training of teachers with regard to child abuse or sexual abuse of students.Kristen Houser: New state laws will require this to change!Terri Miller: Ignoring child abuse is criminal, in my opinion.

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Could you explain what this "passing the trash" is, and how/ why it's legal? These confidential agreements are dangerous for children.

They are left in the classrooms with restrictions on their ability to touch students. Obviously, our administrators have sufficient reason to suspect misconduct, but there is no will on the part of our school system to remove these teachers from students access.

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