Shrewsbury dating uk

18-Sep-2015 23:59

While the buildings are not listed as a heritage asset, Shrewsbury Civic Society said the site was one of the town’s limited reminders of its role in the war.

Ian Kilby, development manager for Shropshire Council, said: “The proposed development will result in the loss of non-designated heritage assets which are considered to be of regional if not national importance.“Insufficient justification has been provided that their loss is outweighed by the benefit of redevelopment of the site.”About 39 homes had been planned on the site with a mixture of two-bedroom apartments and semi-detached two and three-bedroom houses.

While developers said the site would be appropriate for housing because of its location being close to shops and facilities, Mr Carter said that the society felt it would take away crucial land for employment purposes.there are no fees to pay, your membership is renewable each year.