Sims 3 dating vampires

29-Jan-2016 09:05

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My book deals with love, or more specifically, people looking for love.

The characters in the story either work at a dating agency that caters exclusively to the paranormal, or they are actually using said agency.

That vampire might be better off with a gorgon, as both species have a mirror handicap. Hockey fans might be better off dating other hockey fans. One big thing in common can make a first date easier, and build the foundation for a future. Even the best-laid plans might be derailed by a date that doesn’t know boundaries.

If you find yourself with someone who’s lied about who—or what—they are, or if you feel like things are moving towards an uncomfortable scenario, have a backup plan.

As a vampire your sim receives new abilities such as increased skill learning speed, the ability of reading other Sims' minds to find out their traits and relationship status, and the ability to run faster than ordinary Sims.

In Bridgeport there are some premade vampire families such as the Slayer and Hemlock households.

With these new community lot types come new rabbitholes and high rises; and also some new types of Sims – vampires and celebrities.

No one wants to be stranded with a handsy werewolf close to mating season, nor do vampires want to be out too close to daybreak. Make sure that you have the situation under control at all times. Not every date ends up with a happily ever after, and that’s OK, too!