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Gibanica comprises multiple layers of apple, curd cheese, ground walnuts, poppy seeds and pastry.I think it’s at its most delicious when served warm.Pršut; Karst-dried ham – from the Karst region of Slovenia where the bora winds provide the perfect conditions for drying the salted meat, resulting in a delicious tender ham which goes perfectly with some local cheese and wine, adding to the Mediterranean feeling in Slovenia’s karst region.Bograč is a traditional dish from the Prekmurje region, on the border with Hungary, hence its similarity to goulash.Potica – One of the most typical Slovene desserts, though actually I consider it less of a dessert, more of an afternoon tea kind of food as it is something between a bread and a cake.It’s a filled rolled loaf which can have a variety of fillings, the most common include walnuts, poppy seeds, or tarragon, but there are also many other different varieties including savoury versions containing pork crackling.

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Each region has its own specialities and characteristics and is influenced, in part, by the surrounding countries of Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia.Although these days Top 10 lists are all the rage, I decided not to make this one since choosing just 10 of the many great Slovene foods would be difficult, not to mention what I consider the Top 10 would surely differ from what others consider the Top 10 and I could foresee controversy looming!Therefore, this list presents just some of the’ Must-Try Slovene Foods’ and some suggestions for where to try them but is far from exhaustive and comprises merely my suggestions.These ones are filled simply with curd cheese, which is the most common filling, though the sky’s the limit in terms of fillings and they can be either sweet or savoury e.g. Žlikrofi are small boiled dumplings from the town of Idrija.

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As with other Slovene foods, there are a number of variations, however, žlikrofi originated in Idrija so it’s as good a place as any to find and taste them.Traditionally potica is a festive bread, eaten at Easter or Christmas, though these days it can be bought and enjoyed year-round.