Stop being intimidating

10-Jan-2015 06:47

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Use strategic silence next time you talk with anyone. Finally, always ask for a to contribute to the cause. Because it takes the burden off of the donor to figure out what size of a donation is necessary. They don’t know anything about your campaign goals. Of course, your real goal is to make your donor both catch your enthusiasm and feel understood.But to get there, you need let yourself be not-boring enough that they can have fun talking to you.

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Then you won’t need slides, and you can focus instead on not being boring.

And most importantly, the donor will feel valued and important. They’re the ones whose enthusiasm makes changes happen in the world. For more tips on the advice visit, check out Gail Perry’s great article on how advice visits can open any door in town. But often times, the most important, meaningful thing – the thing your prospect REALLY wants to tell you – won’t be said if you quickly fill the silence. In fact, the other day I was thinking about when I was a kid and would go out and look at the stars in the country and see meteors and all kinds of awesome stuff.

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