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These topics fall between the cracks at medical school.Yes, we understood biochemistry and food metabolism, and knew a lot about the consequences of being overweight.Chris and I each lost weight on our diets - I lost the most, a remarkable 9lb in one month - but the other results were not at all what we had expected.One of the words you hear a lot when people talk about very low-carb diets is ketosis.We were allowed to eat as much as we wanted, except I couldn't have carbohydrates and Chris was allowed only the barest amount of fat - you need some fat to survive, so he restricted himself to food with less than 2 per cent fat.But take away carbohydrates and the joy goes out of meals.

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And the tests we did to assess our levels of blood fats and risk of diabetes at the end of the diets revealed an astonishing and concerning truth about how my body had been fuelling itself in the absence of carbs.

Weight gain and obesity can be explained by lack of willpower and self-control or by genetic and hormonal factors.