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25-Apr-2015 02:07

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The next step was security, but they were not there many times.Advice to Management You need to accept that these are not private school children with supportive parents, good behaviors, and who have strong work ethics and desires to do well.Advice to Management Take off your stilettos, put down the selfie stick, and actually walk through the halls of your school and engage with the students and teachers.Try to make the image of your school that you're so desperately trying to cultivate a reality.The Adams-Friendship School District believes in promoting a safe, friendly and supportive educational experience for our students.Cons There was large turnover of teachers and administrative staff.They do not care whether or not students are actually learning or being served as long as the public perception exists that it does.

There were no consistent consequences and literally no ongoing support for teachers to deal with the behavior that impeded the learning of students who actually wanted to learn.

If you had to deviate from the plan because you could not possibly get what was planned done, you were told that you did not know how to plan well.

There were supposed to be security guards on all floors of the school at all times.

Advice to Management Management should support teachers better, show greater integrity and transparency, try to hold on to staff, get student behavior under control with a school-wide behavior management system.

The school culture needs to be a much more positive overall.

People were laid of in the middle of the year with apparently little concern for how this might disrupt their lives.