Tumblr dating game

25-Jun-2016 15:58

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Bisexual dating sims online

So thank you for making such a sweet game, it's really awesome!

Recently, we decided to disable the anon messages to our blog due to a large amount of salty hate we were getting.

Contributions by fan creators from all across the fandom, it's a completely fan made dating simulator!

Um I know it's been ages since the game was released but I only just played it and I LOVE IT, it's amazing all the hard work you put into it!

We have romantic walks, lost weekends in bed, share great food and baths together.

Is he not really interested in learning things about me? However, I get pulled into his beautiful blue eyes and forget about the important of connecting over conversation…..temporarily.

I have no idea what he sees in me – maybe the universe is trying to invite him to have a little more play or wildness in his life.

Great sex taints my usually sensible mind in these affairs and I (realise retrospectively, rather naively) think that our differences can be overcome. He has a wonderful energy, is spiritually aware, is an amazing cook and very easy company.

I am stunned and totally unprepared (though luckily am wearing a relatively parent-friendly outfit), however, having had boyfriends in the past who refuse to introduce me to their families months into dating, I am also glad in a way to be invited into the family so soon.

After one drink however, Mr Wholesome then proceeds to zone out of the conversation, his attention is focused on playing with the family dogs, leaving me to his mother and father questioning me.

In practice it is just a simple Google Form, but it means a little more than that to me. -Wilson (Lead Coder)We’re currently looking to add some new background artists to our crew!

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