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He was in the service of the wealthy Madrid landowner Juan de Vargas on a farm in the vicinity of Madrid.Juan de Vargas would later make him bailiff of his entire estate of Lower Caramanca.

From the 18th to the 30th of May, Tarragona is holding the twelve edition of the Annual Festival of Roman History, better known as Tàrraco Viva, which is organised by the Dissemination Service of the Tarragona Museum of History.For almost two weeks, a whole range of events will commemorate the city's Roman past.And the events are indeed many and varied: cavalry parades, gladiator fights, musical and theatrical performances, fairs of various products, lectures, areas at which to taste the cooking of the time, guided walks to learn about the myths and beliefs of the Ancient Romans…Isidore and Maria had one son, who died in his youth.

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On one occasion their son fell into a deep well and, at the prayers of his parents, the water of the well is said to have risen miraculously to the level of the ground, bringing the child with it, alive and well.

So that Madrid's biggest "fiesta" is celebrated yearly starting on the Friday before the 8th and running until the following Sunday, 9 days of Saintly jubilee throughout the Comunity of Madrid.