Updating mac bios

03-Aug-2015 21:52

In addition to checking the power, try resetting the Mac's System Management Controller (SMC), as this controller unit is responsible for how power is handled in the system.

Errors with the SMC may also be responsible for any blinking amber warning lights in the attached AC adapter.

The FW DMG file will need to be restored to a blank USB drive using disk utility.

Once you have created the bootable USB drive you can boot into the FW upgrade utility to upgrade the FW of your San Disk Extreme II SSD.

Metabones does not give any Warranty with regard to the accuracy or reliability of the results or output that derives from the download, installation or use of Utility.

Unauthorised use of Utility violates copyright and other intellectual property rights and Metabones or the relevant licensor (as appropriate) reserves all rights.When Apple releases Mac firmware updates, the system undergoes a special installation procedure in which it shows a progress bar on a gray screen and then reboots.If you have an update available but do not see the progress bar when applying it, it may not have installed properly.The first requirement is to ensure that your operating system version is fully updated, so if you see any system updates in addition to the firmware update available, install those first.

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The second requirement is that the system needs to be connected to a reliable power source to install firmware updates.In here, use Disk Utility to verify the boot volume (i.e., "Macintosh HD") for formatting errors, and also choose the drive device and rerun the verification to check for partitioning errors. Along with these drive checks, use Disk Utility to run a permissions fix on the boot drive.

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