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There are already several LMDE users who are tracking Stable instead of Testing, so your suggestions probably would be helpful in that area.

With the Debian Backports enabled, that sounds like much more what you are working toward."Simply MEPIS 7.0 discontinued the use of Ubuntu binary packages in favor of a combination of MEPIS packaged binaries based on Debian and Ubuntu source code, combined with a Debian stable OS core and extra packages from Debian package pools."Where does Mint get its specific packages from?

Welcome to the MX Repository and Mepis Community Repository at

MEPIS is a Gnu/Linux distribution based on Debian stable with KDE.

Ice WM is in charge of the graphical session on this operating system.

It provides users with a traditional desktop environment that can be themed as you like, and features a single taskbar located on the bottom edge of the screen.

The project was previously distributed as two ISO images, one for the 64-bit architecture and another one for the 32-bit instruction set architecture.

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MEPIS may use some Ubuntu source (not a lot), but it repackages it to 100% Debian compatibility. Users can easily access the main menu and launch applications by right clicking anywhere on the desktop or from the taskbar.