Updating squeezebox classic firmware

18-Aug-2015 10:23

updating squeezebox classic firmware-75

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The old will also be upgradable to the new UE software, although no other Squeezebox products will have the upgrade option.

But at the very least, Logitech owes dedicated Squeezebox fans (many who have invested a lot of time, money, and effort on the platform for over a decade) an official update about the end of the product line and what they can expect going forward.

Logitech UE Smart Radio is the next evolution of the Squeezebox platform.

All Squeezebox Radio users will have the option to upgrade to the Logitech UE Smart Radio platform, allowing them to take advantage of the new and improved software features.

This upgrade is completely optional, and those that don't want to alter their Squeezebox Radio experience will not be required to.

While the Logitech UE Smart Radio can play alongside existing Logitech Squeezebox products, it will operate and be controlled separately.

If Logitech stops supporting My Squeezebox, Squeezebox products will be limited to streaming local digital music libraries over a home network.

At the moment, Squeezebox owners have a faint promise from a sympathetic Squeezebox developer on the forum (commenting in an unofficial capacity) that there are "no plans" to shut down the My Squeezebox site, but that's far from a hard guarantee that it will remain running for at least, say, two years.

This radio was meant to replace the need for new hard/firmware and keep the control and music library inside the local LAN.To be clear, the Squeezebox product line is unequivocally over.Logitech representatives have confirmed to me that there will be no new Squeezebox products, and the Logitech Web site has been virtually wiped of any mention of the Squeezebox brand.The Squeezebox ecosystem also includes software, and now there's a serious question as to how long the now-discontinued products will continue to work at full functionality.

Squeezebox products rely on the My server to access streaming services like Rhapsody, Spotify, Pandora, and Internet radio., there's a single parenthetical line mentioning that the company is discontinuing the Squeezebox line of products.

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