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03-Mar-2016 03:47

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NET -- Programming C# -- C# Essentials -- Designing Microsoft ASP. NET Application: Getting Started [Plotting Chart Data] [Rendering the Chart] [Sorting and Filtering Chart Data] [Programmatically Generating Chart Images] [Creating Drill Down Reports] [Adding Statistical Formulas] [Enhancing Charts With Ajax] [Serializing Chart Data] [Using the Chart Controls with ASP.

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The original __do Post Back method performs identically, but is more robust since it gracefully degrades to full postbacks when the ASP. It’s also unlikely that __do Post Back will disappear in future versions of ASP. If you have a question unrelated to this post, you're better off posting it on Stack Overflow instead of commenting here.

Tweet or email me a link to your question there and I'll try to help if I can. My IDs were mismatched from trying to shorten parts of the code for better display here.

While it works much like __do Post Back, as long as the ASP.

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-- 15-- ASP101-- -- -- [Complete List of Sites] [AJAX] | [MVC] | [Website Layout and Design] | [Using Visual Studio] | [Working with and Displaying Data] | [System Architecture] | [Working with Web Controls] | [Security] | [Network Functions] | [Caching] | [Miscellaneous Topics] | [Graphics and Charting] Ajax Using ASP.For purposes of demonstration, I’m going to add that to the On Click event of the container div: Now, clicking anywhere in the Update Panel will trigger a partial postback, targeting the Update Panel.Since partial postbacks follow the full page lifecycle, this will fire Update Panel1_Load and update the Label’s text. NET AJAX specific method of the Page Request Manager named _do Post Back.Anytime Update Panel1 is loaded or reloaded in a postback, Label1 will be updated to reflect the current date and time.

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Luckily, there’s an easy method for triggering a postback targeted at the Update Panel: __do Post Back().

To unblock a file, right click on it, and select properties, and then select the ‘unblock’ button.