Validating social security number

19-May-2015 08:45

The ever-so-important difference is that the adjusted card number sum is multiplied by 9 and run through a modula 10 check.The result should be the last digit on the card (if it's a good number! I searched and found this: You were right, up to the checksum/mod test where YOU claim: "If the final sum is divisible by 10, then the credit card number is valid.If it is not divisible by 10, the number is invalid." This is NOT true.Here's how to do it: Step 4 - Add up all the digits in this number (except the checksum)Step 5 - If (sum x 9) MOD 10 = checksum, you have a valid card! If you were to do this in QBASIC, it would look like this: A = 0FOR X = LEN(CARD$) - 1 TO 1 STEP -2 W = VAL(MID$(CARD$, X,1)) * 2 IF W 1 THEN A = A VAL(MID$(CARD$, X-1, 1))NEXT XIF (A * 9) MOD 10 = VAL(RIGHT$, CARD$, 1) THEN PRINT "GOOD CARD! "Variables---------A is the accumulator, adding up the digits on the card, every other one, doubled (doubled -9 if over 9).CARD$ is the credit card, numeric portion only W is a working variable (temporary to hold the number before added to the accumulator) X is the position of the digit being worked upon, starting at the end of the card number (-1) and working backwards.The television show on MTV called The Hills is an example of a show that promotes dominant ideology to young children/ teenagers.

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