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27-Mar-2016 15:37

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In that regard, it’s a vice like any other vice – fun in moderation, dangerous when addicted.

Many people drink socially without becoming alcoholics; for most, booze is a source of pleasure, not pain. If a guy does it when he’s single and hasn’t had sex in awhile, it’s normal. Remember, you may not like porn, but you can’t ban it.

I can already hear the collective “amen” from a lot of women, and I don’t entirely blame them. It can become a serious addiction that cripples a man’s ability to be in a committed sexual relationship.

And if you’re a woman who has lost a partner to porn addiction, this isn’t just some abstract concept, but reality.

You're only a few minutes away from watching 1000's of sexy singles and couples getting naked in front of their home webcams. This is webcam chatting the way is was meant to be.If a guy does it during marriage because everyone has the right to maintain a little bit of a fantasy life without actually being unfaithful (that is viewing videos, not interacting with another person), it’s normal. I don’t think it’s good in any measure (i.e., even long before becoming an “addiction”).