White lies online dating

18-Apr-2015 00:14

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Men are more likely to lie on their profile than women (51% to 45%), but as a nation we’re all pretty okay with telling porkies.

Apparently, we Brits are more likely to lie about every category in the survey than our French and German peers, with the exception of income. What’s more worrying, is that a large proportion of British daters have forged far bigger deceits.

It’s not clear yet why people do this, but as it seems reasonably common we should probably take anyone’s self assessment of body type with a grain of salt, especially during this time of year when the Christmas dinners weight heavy.

Another point to consider is the fact that both men and women seem perfectly fine at assessing their own height, another aspect of physical appearance that is a point of contention online, especially when it comes to men.

But around half of British online daters between the age of 18 and 34 admit to having told a white lie in their dating description, a new report from web security firm Norton reveals.

Of over 3,000 people surveyed across the UK, France and Germany, 47% said they were likely to misrepresent their weight online, 50% said they’d be likely to misrepresent their physical appearance, and 48% said they’d lied about their interests.

You should also always use a known and reputable dating site, and you should check the privacy policy to be sure that they won’t misuse your data.

Common sense can go a long way, but sharing your experiences should help to keep you on the right track.

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In a second leg of their study, Toma and Hancock asked volunteers to judge the daters' trustworthiness based solely on the written self-descriptions posted on their online profiles.‘We asked them to tell us how trustworthy the person who wrote each profile was.

And, as we expected, people are just bad at this,’ Toma says.