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Bored by his job, he regularly attended the cinema by himself in the evenings, read the cinema trade papers, and took drawing classes at London University.Hitchcock gained confidence and began to show a dry, witty side at work.He took his title cards to the studio, only to find that they had decided to film a different movie.

Hitchcock then drew up mock title cards (graphic cards inserted into silent movies to show dialogue or explain action).In 1919, Hitchcock saw an ad in one of the cinema trade papers that a Hollywood company named Famous Players-Lasky (which later became Paramount) was building a studio in Islington, a neighborhood in Greater London.At the time, American filmmakers were considered superior to their British counterparts and thus Hitchcock was extremely excited about them opening up a studio locally.Here, Hitchcock met Alma Reville, who was in charge of film editing and continuity.

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When the director fell ill while filming the comedy, (never completed).Attempting to teach Hitchcock a valuable lesson, Hitchcock’s father sent him to the local police station with a note.